How are the Uncharted and The Last of Us movies going?

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    In Naughty Dog they inform about the state of both productions and confess skepticism with the projects.


    The prestigious creative Neil Druckmann , the scriptwriter of the saga The Last of Us and of some of the best deliveries of the series Uncharted , has spoken publicly in the DICE Summit celebrated this morning in Las Vegas about narrative and has provided the first details in firm in words collected by the North American portal Gamespot on the production of feature films inspired by both franchises.

    “We used to be excited, my God, the movie world is watching us, there could have been an Uncharted movie for the big screen, but as more time passes we are less interested in a direct adaptation of the story we have already told,” Druckmann declared. “We feel that we already narrated that in a very cinematographic way, so I do not know what else can be contributed”.

    “For US, Nolan North, Ashley Johnson, and Troy Baker are the protagonists (for the actors in the original version), and I know that for many of the fans, and it would be very disconcerting to see another person in those roles,” he confessed.

    Of course, wanted to make clear that a change of tone to the style of the television series Fargo. It could be adequate. “That series captured the tone, captured the world and also expanded it, I love it, and I think it’s the right way to do things.”

    He also talked about the script treatment he wrote for a movie in The Last of Us. “Now, taking a certain perspective of that, I do not want that feature film to be made,” said the creative.

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